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  • In addition to the use of this site with all its contents and services offered, downloads of files, media such as pictures and videos and the various content offered to the visitors may change from time to time or according to the type of content. The management of the site reserves the right to update the terms of use presented below from time to time without notice or special mention on the various channels of the site.

Samples, Loops & Preset Packs rights:

Techno Sample is the owner and master licensee of all the products sold in this site. Purchasing any of these products gives you the perpetual, royalty free, non-exclusive right to incorporate the samples and beats in any of your musical production.
However, you may not distribute these products, either in native format or reformatted for use as samples, multi-samples, programs or patches in a sampler, sample playback unit, website or computer.

Intellectual Property

  • The site, as well as all information therein, including the design of the site, the site code, media files including graphics, videos, images, texts, files offered for download and any other material displayed on the site belong to the site and constitute the exclusive intellectual property of the site ” You may not distribute, copy, reproduce, publish, copy or reproduce any pieces of code, graphics, videos, trademarks or any other media or content without your prior written permission.
  • Site Content We strive to provide you with the information presented on the Site without interruption, but may be due to technical considerations, third party or other problems, interference with the availability of the Site. And therefore we can not guarantee that the site will be available to you at any time and will not be given any financial or other compensation due to termination of service / download site.
  • Links to external sites do not constitute a guarantee that the sites are safe, high quality or reliable, and that visits are done solely on your own and are in the sole responsibility of the user
  • Site staff / site management will do everything in its power to protect the details of registered users on the site / subscribers registered on the site. In cases where a third party may gain access to information, it is hereby agreed that surfers, users, and members of the site will have any claim, claim or demand against the site staff
  • Proper disclosure on this site may use cookies (especially for subscribers and
    subscribers) and internal statistical interfaces to maintain anonymous statistical documentation of surfers and analysis of surfers’ traffic, site browsing habits and analysis of clicks and time of stay. The information that is stored is completely anonymous and does not contain the surfer’s name or any other identifying information.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of digital downloads we do not offer refunds. If you have find any issues with a product get in touch within 14 days and let us know. By completing a purchase you agree that the issue of a refund will be made at the sole decision of the Techno Sample Staff and that our decisions are final.
We strongly advise you to take a good listen and read the exact description of each pack and whether or not if fit your needs before making an order.

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